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Mission Statement
"To provide the Employer with highly qualified and competent personnel on time and the worker the right job for the right compensation and proper working environment."



Anglo-European Services was founded initially as a proprietorship by Mrs. Villafrancia Castro Arcilla in July 1967. As a duly registered private recruitment and placement agency it aimed to explore the potentials of Filipino skilled workers in the European labor market. In its initial years of operation, AESI deployed Filipino manpower to European hotels, schools, hospitals, and private establishments specifically in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, and Spain.

Founder Mrs. Villafrancia Castro Arcilla
Former President Engineer Lucas A. Arcilla Jr.

In the early 70's the Philippine government, after realizing the economic benefits in the export of Filipino manpower and expertise, embarked on a program to legalize and professionalize the manpower recruitment industry. The Ministry of Labor through its Bureau of Employment Services subsequently issued licenses to accredited recruitment agencies. In recognition of its pioneering efforts AESI was the recipient of the first license issued, Labor Recruitment License No. 01-0001.

Sometime early 1974, through the able leadership of Lucas A. Arcilla, Jr., AESI became the first private Filipino agency to deploy the first documented Filipino workers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Ali-Reza Group of companies. This breakthrough set the impetus to tap and exploit the Middle East manpower supply market for the whole country. From then on AESI was at the forefront deploying Filipino professionals and skilled workers to various establishments in other Middle East countries like Dubai, Qatar, Iran, Bahrain, Unites Arab Emirates and Oman engaged in engineering, construction, port services, shipbuilding, oil drilling, water treatment technology, transport, maintenance, manufacturing, trading, hotels, catering, management, administrative staff, information technology and consultancy services

To streamline its operations and meet the challenges in the recruitment industry, Anglo European was incorporated in 1979. Management was further strengthened with the entry of family patriarch, Lucas A. Arcilla, Jr., a professional Electrical Engineer, and sons, Lucas C. Arcilla III, an Industrial Management Engineer, and Gilbert C. Arcilla, a professional Mechanical Engineer.
In 1991, AESI pioneered the opening of the Asian market particularly in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia with the deployment of teachers, domestic helpers and later on deployed various professionals and skilled workers in these Asian countries as well as in Brunei, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Taiwan

In the 2000’s new countries were opened and added such as Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Angola, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Cuba, Seychelles, Fiji, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Russia , Canada, USA, Australia and other various countries in Africa, Europe, and Middle East.

After the 2003-2004 Iraq war AESI was tapped by the major companies involved in the reconstruction programs. More than 10,000 professionals and workers were deployed in 8 months to major US camps such as Camps Anaconda and Victory and was awarded by the Secretary of Labor as the Outstanding Employer of Filipino Workers.


With its dynamic marketing and management efforts, AESI has became a forerunner in exporting Philippine manpower, professionals and managers with its present track record of mobilizing more than 100,000 Filipino professionals and workers to various principals all over the Middle East and the rest of the world.

The Management and Staff

President Florante Belleza De Guzman
Vice-President Allyn Rose Gloria Arcilla
Director/Corp.Secretary Verna Lucinda Arcilla Nario
Director/Treasurer Andrea Michelle Gloria Arcilla
Director Maria Isabel Dominguez Arcilla
Director Raiza Marie Lavina Gloria Arcilla
Director Gilbert Dominguez Arcilla Jr.
Recruitment Manager _________________________
Business Operations Manager _______________________
Vice President Assistant Almira Dagsan Bayan
Liaison Officer - POEA Arlene Morada Nunez
Liaison Officer - POEA Romula Hipol Imasa, Jr.
Public Relations Officer Neil Dominguez Penaranda
Computer Operator/Clerk Shelly Sanchez Espellogo
Secretary/Bookeeper Sheena Villoceno Greenwood
Liaison Officer - Airlines Blandina Cabanero Llamas
Secretary/Clerk Joellen Miner Andig
Computer Operator Aida Aranjuez Bacus
Secretary/Clerk Agricula Ignacio Homecillo
Clerk Ma. Cleofe Timbal Reyes
Recruitment Officer Emeverto Penaranda Terante, Jr.
Bldg. Maintenance Rey Anthony Galam Gawanan



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