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Architects, Draftsmen, Design Staff, Interior Designers
Construction & Engineering
Managers, Engineers, Planners, Commissioning, Instrumentation, HVAC, Estimators, Draftsmen, Surveyors, Construction Workers, Equipment Operators, Accounting and Administrative Staff, Warehouse
Staff, Technical and Maintenance Personnel
Consulting Engineers, QA/QC Engineers, Estimators
Teachers, Tutors, Teaching Staff
Singers, Bands, Entertainment Staff
Heavy and Light Industry
Power Plant Engineers and Workers, Ship Building and Repair
Personnel,Heavy and Light Industry Workers
Hotels and Restaurants
F & B Managers, HRM Personnel, Chefs, Cooks, Waiters, Baristas,
Catering Staff, Housekeeping and Laundry Services
Information Technology
IT Consultants, Systems Administrators, Systems Analysts, Programmers, Data Encoders/Operators Software/Hardware Specialists
Factory Managers, Production Engineers, Maintenance
Engineers, Production Workers, Operators,
Technical & Administrative Staff

Doctors, Nurses, Midwifes, Physical Therapists, Hospital Staff,
Dentist & Dental Technicians

Oil and Gas
Oil Drillers, Truck Pushers, Safety Officers, Safety Engrs. Asst. Oil
Drillers, Oil Drilling Crew, Crane Operators, HD Drivers, H.E.
Operators, HD Mechanics , Gas Pipeline Workers, Refinery Workers, Pipe Fabricators, Welders
O & M Operations
Operation & Maintenance Engineers, Supervisors, Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians
Port Operations
Port Designers & Engineers, Stowage Engineers, Crane Operators,
Heavy lift Operators, Transport Staff & Workers, Warehouse Personnel
Retail and
Marketing Managers, Sales Staff, Merchandisers, Supermarket
and Stores Personnel and Retail Staff
Recreation Staff and Workers, Lifeguards, Gym and Health Club Staff
and Forwarders
Transport Managers/Supervisors, Heavy Duty and Light Drivers, Crane Operators, Heavy and Light Equipment Operators, Workshop Maintenance Personnel, Customs Brokerage Personnel and Forwarders
Water Treatment Industry
Water Treatment Consultants/Engineers, Chemical Service Engineers, Electrical Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, Chemists
Other Services

Barber Shop, Beauty Saloon, Tailoring, Dressmaking Personnel,
Domestic Helpers, Nannies and Household Workers. Any other job
positions as required by the employer


home | about us | services | recruitment process | accreditation | principals | job openings | contact us
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